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Friday 11th November 2022 - She's Back, Quince Jam and Armistice Day

By Wednesday, I had pretty well decided we wouldn’t see Lunar again. Missing since Saturday evening, we wondered what had happened to her and how she was faring for food. However, when I returned home in the afternoon, after our monthly ex-WI tea and cake meet-up, there she was sat on the mat at the bottom of our stairs. She had returned while I was out and, of course, Peter had given her food and milk too to welcome her back, to what we hope she regards as her home. Where she had been during her absence, we will probably never know but the main thing is, she is back to her normal self.

We have received a package from Germany containing a jar of homemade quince jam. This was from Claudia who follows my blog and who we met with her friend Susanne in the summer, when they were staying at The Pleasaunce. Claudia had read my blog in October, when we had some free quinces which I used in two savoury recipes. Claudia told me she makes her jam using star anis, cardamon pods, cinnamon and half the amount of sugar used by companies who produce this jam in bulk. She recommends eating quince jam with cheese, which sounds good. It’s all down to me now to purchase some suitable cheeses.

Today is Armistice Day. It’s a day when we not only remember those who lost their lives in the World Wars but in the conflicts since then. This morning I attended the short service, led by Tim Bennett (lay preacher and former Headmaster of the Belfry School) at the War Memorial in St Martin’s churchyard. As mentioned in my last blog, Oak Class from the Belfry School were in attendance. They and their teacher recited readings and poems before two pupils laid a wreath on the war memorial. The children couldn’t have been any better behaved and should be congratulated for observing the importance of this day, throughout the service. There was a good turnout of villagers and parents plus two representatives from the Kingswood Centre at Overstrand Hall, who also laid a wreath. More wreaths will be laid at the service on Sunday which will take place at the church at 10.45 am.

Today’s photos are of the Poppy Flag, flying on the car park, and the two wreaths laid on Friday along with crosses placed earlier.


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