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Each year, member, Nancy writes a poem covering our WI year.  Normally, Nancy reads this at our Christmas lunch, but alas no festivities were allowed in 2020.  This has not stopped Nancy from putting pen to paper and once again writing, although on a different theme for 2020, her annual poem, which has been published in Norfolk WI News' February magazine.  We have devoted a page to Nancy's latest poem, which can be read by clicking here

February 2020 Meeting Report

Our Speaker

Members arrived to find a well – behaved male called Baxter,  sniffing us out.  At 6 years of age, this golden Labrador was a charming ambassador for The Snetterton Dogs Trust, and had come along with his owner Paige Pope.  We were soon given an enlightening romp through a multitude of fascinating facts and figures.  


Founded in 1891 and then called The Canine Defence League, this institution campaigned for better dog welfare. By the outbreak of the second world war, it had become well established and had several clinics up and running.  In 1910, a dog license cost Seven Shilling and Six Pence, Thirty Seven and a half Pence today.  Surplus hair gleaned from grooming long haired dogs was to be come part of the war effort, when it was washed, carded and spun, to be used to be knitted into socks, gloves and scarves for grateful soldiers.

The ethos was never to put a healthy dog down, but rather to find them suitable new homes and new lives, with good, ongoing support for new owners. For a variety of reasons, dogs come into their care and we learned that the average stay was 4 – 6 weeks. These lucky dogs are extremely well catered for by over 60 volunteers at the centre near Attleborough.  This comprises of glass fronted kennels flanking a wide thoroughfare set at an angle. This has been found to be less stressful for the dogs, as they can see who’s coming and as a result, are less snappy. The centre also has underfloor heating, sandpits and a 5 acre field with a copse for the inmates to enjoy.

This worthy registered charity now has over 20 rehoming centres and relies entirely on donations. A fun day last May raised an astonishing £17,000. Most felt sorry to see Baxter and Paige leave, with just the business part of the meeting remaining.

News etc.

It seems likely that we shall become an afternoon institute in Autumn , which may help boost our numbers.

Our scrapbooks have been located but would benefit from some more photos of our special events from 2018 onwards.

Arrangements were made for our support of VE Day  celebrations to be held on the sports field on Sunday May 10th before the meeting closed.

January 2020 Meeting Report

We began our year and our first meeting of the new decade with an informal session.

We chewed over various suggestions for our 2021 activities whilst enjoying a fish and chip supper.

We hope, in terms of current membership numbers, that small is beautiful, but new prospective members would be most welcome to try us out.

This year's programme is on the main WI page and on our noticeboard, in the centre of the village roughly opposite the bus stop. We are a diverse, lively and unstuffy group, open to suggestions on how to improve.

Try something new for 2020!

We meet in the Parish Hall , The Londs, Overstrand on the third Wednesday in the month. Our next meeting is on Wednesday 19th February 2020.

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