Overstrand Evening WI

Each year, member, Nancy writes a poem covering our WI year.  Normally, Nancy reads this at our Christmas lunch, but alas no festivities were allowed in 2020.  This has not stopped Nancy from putting pen to paper and once again writing, although on a different theme for 2020, her annual poem, which has been published in Norfolk WI News' February magazine.  We have devoted a page to Nancy's latest poem, which can be read by clicking here

November 2021 Meeting Report

Two for the price of one!

The ordinary meeting took place first and there was very little business to be dealt with. As our president had given her apologies, our vice president substituted. Minutes of the October meeting were circulated and plans for our Christmas meal - this time at Sea Marge Hotel - were finalized.


Plans for our December meeting on Wednesday 8th at 2.30 in the Parish Hall have a suitably festive flavour, with a table decoration (in a soup bowl), being the favourite subject of one of our members, who will patiently show us how it’s done. Refreshments of mince pies and mulled wine will follow. Drivers will have a zero alcohol alternative.

All remaining members were asked to bring a festive item to be given to the Cromer food bank to give a little cheer to those in need. They were gently reminded to bring a suitably wrapped item of around £5 in value when attending the Christmas meal, for the Secret Santa  Sack.

Then at the annual meeting our secretary gave us a concise precis of our previous year’s speakers, necessarily truncated by the pandemic. In this case though, less, was more paradoxically! These few meetings were fascinating . It was with sadness, the remaining members present, unanimously concluded that our W.I. was very likely to close at the end of March 2022. It seemed that carrying on beyond that point was unviable. As a W.I .since 1983, we have enjoyed some very good times which will live on in our memories. Before we got to maudlin, we luxuriated in member made refreshments of carrot cake and a delectable iced chocolate concoction, washed down with a cuppa.

Speakers for January, February and March were un-necessary as it was proposed to do it inhouse. We may number few, but we are still resourceful!!        

September 2021 Meeting Report

During our afternoon meeting on September 15th, members enjoyed a talk entitled Titanic Imposters. John Balls intrigued us with  a fascinating combination of facts and figures about that fateful voyage which left Southampton on April 10th 1912, with 2,200 people. As he said “All of life was here” and as we discovered, there were various reasons why they were travelling on The Titanic, proclaimed as unsinkable.

Alongside the majority of pleasure seekers, was a sprinkling of professional gamblers, imposters and lovers seasoning this mix of humanity. A few were professional gamblers who singled out those they deemed gullible, and thinking they had more money than sense, fleeced them as they cheated them ruthlessly at poker and other card games.

There were also some who were travelling under assumed names, again, for their own shady reasons, perhaps thing to put clear water between themselves and another, to whom they owed large amounts of money.

Others were on board for another range of emotional reasons, loosely classified by our speaker as lovers. Some were, they hoped, escaping the clutches of a legal partner in matrimony, doubtless starry-eyed at the prospect of calmer waters ahead… Little did they know of the impending tragedy which would engulf them on April 14th. Amongst these, were probably real – life versions of Jack and Rose, the  fate-cursed couple who starred in the blockbuster movie Titanic. As we discovered, many were hiding a dark secret of some sort, and for some, it was not a happy ending. Our speaker sprinkled some fascinating but less known facts into his talk, saying everybody had their own story.

At least 34 people travelled under assumed names. One Ellen Mary Walker, was born during the voyage and died aged 94. One unscrupulous male hastily dressed in women’s clothing enabling him to board a lifeboat earlier. Several survivors would, in later years, take their own lives. Actual statistics are somewhat hazy as documentation at the time was only in it’s infancy. One thing however, remains constant our enduring fascination with the real Titanic story, which could be described as a type of morality play.

The business part of the meeting followed, but thought by most to be a little less interesting than the talk by John Balls.

Our next meeting is on the 20th October 2021 at 2.30pm  in the Parish Hall. New members are welcome to join us.

July 2021 Meeting Report

Those attending were in for a treat as the speaker, Sue Oakes, had us spellbound as she wove threads of her personal history cleverly into her talk - Alternative Patchwork.

A former teacher in the early 1960’s, first in a tough inner-city school in London, then in a similar setting in Birmingham. She coped admirably with the steep learning curve, and took up patchwork as a means of de-stressing and unwinding mentally.

We were able to see the extraordinary fruits of her labours, each one a work of art.  It was patchwork, but not as most would know it. Taking what she saw in her keenly observed travels, we were in awe of her skill - which amongst other wonderful examples - translated a brick wall, over-run with wild nature, into a stunning  mural-type extravaganza, complete with an ivy leaf dangling invitingly from the base.

She did admit that some of her extraordinary output had been used as curtains! She even had recognition from the “great and good” as she found an illustration of her pieces in a prestigious quilting magazine. Quite a force to be reckoned with, who employed a bit of psychology as a means to an end. Hubcaps had been removed from staff cars, but miscreants were given 24 hours to return them ( no questions asked )  if they were not back, sanctions such as playtime would be used. They were all returned!

Following refreshments, the business part of the meeting was heavily tinged with sadness, as we were bidding a very fond farewell to our president, Caz Lewis.  She is moving away to be nearer her family, and was presented with gardening tokens as she had confided that her new garden was a “ blank canvas”. We all wish her good luck with her “painting”.

Our next scheduled meeting is on Wednesday 11th August, 2.30pm when a tea party is proposed.

There being no speaker, members are encouraged to bring with them a favorite item of jewelry together with its back story.


New members are welcome to come and join us.