Wednesday 28th October 2020 - Happy Birthday and Autumn

It’s a special day for Barney today, it’s his 12th Birthday. No cake or party, but the bin men gave him biscuits, he has had two nice walks, the first along the prom and the second across the fields, plus he had casseroled off cuts of lamb for his lunch. I don’t think he can have any complaints about his day. An unexpected sight the other afternoon, when I spotted a Comma butterfly in a hedgerow making the most of what was for autumn, a warm afternoon. Somewhat out of season is the green alkanet which is also taking advantage of a warm although wet spell and displaying another flush of bright blue flowers. Similarly, the dandelions are flowering again, their bright yellow blooms at this time

Saturday 24th October 2020 - Rainy Wednesday and Gulls

Such a wet day on Wednesday I used the time indoors to sort through the family paperwork we brought back from my parent’s house at the end of September. This ranged from birth, marriage and death certificates to those for various attainments and my Dad’s time in the Royal Navy. Some time ago my Dad drew up family trees with names but no dates. Using the various certificates I have been able to write the dates in against those relations most close to my parents. I moved on to my Gran’s (Dad’s Mum) postcard album. This contains, amongst others, a number of very decorative cards, sent to my Gran during the 1st World War. As I removed each one it became apparent from the number of cards from her

Tuesday 20th October 2020 - Improvement, Ivy and Bed Making

With an improvement in the weather we have been catching up in the garden. Amongst other things, Peter has planted broad bean seeds and the garlic on the veg plot. Following the attacks by slugs and snails on the dahlias I had planted from seed and nurtured before planting out, I have decided to grow more hardy flowering plants in our back border. This has resulted in moving some plants to more suitable positions in readiness for additional ones. The warmer and more settled conditions have brought out the insects to visit the ivy bloom in the hedgerows. I thought we may have also seen a few late red admiral butterflies too, but no. Maybe they have already gone into hibernation. Ivy bloom is

Friday 16th October 2020 - Visitors

I think I can safely say, in at least one way or another, 2020 has been a difficult year for all of us. We often hear about people missing meeting up with family. For us this meant, because of lockdown, our family had to cancel their April visit to Overstrand but on Tuesday our youngest son and his partner were able to visit for a few socially distanced days. Yes, we were able to see them at the end of September when we were in Bucks but with other things to address we had little time for a good catch up. During their visit, the weather was kind to us, enabling us to go on walks. One was outside Barney’s capabilities but that didn’t prevent him from having his usual two walks a day. Sid, ou

Sunday 11th October 2020 - Poppy Appeal and Grey, Breezy but Beautiful

With so many events cancelled, most charities are seeing a drop in their income. On this basis, the British Legion’s Poppy Appeal is in danger of seeing a fall in donations this year. I am the Poppy Appeal Organiser (PAO) for Overstrand, one of many spread across the country. Earlier this year PAO’s were sounded out as to how they felt about collections. The end result is, in the interest of everyone’s safety, there will be no door to door collections and no trays of poppies will be placed in Overstrand’s business premises. This does not mean that you cannot donate, or have a Poppy. The RBL are keen that anyone who wants a Poppy should be able to obtain one. To this end you can support the R

Wednesday 7th October 2020 - Paper, Paper Everywhere

The grotty wet weather has been a blessing, well it has been for me, providing me with time to devote to sorting the paperwork we brought back with us from my late parent’s house. My Dad kept neat and tidy files but I found there were still a lot of documents that are no longer relevant or valid. I have spent a number of hours on my knees sorting what to keep, what to burn and what can go in for recycling. Groans could be heard after each session, as I got up from the floor and tried to get my legs working again. All done, I moved on to family documents. Wills, along with, birth, marriage and death certificates can prove to be very interesting so I had to be disciplined and not stop and dwel

Saturday 3rd October 2020 - Since My Last Blog

So much has happened since my last blog, it’s difficult to know where to start. The prime reason for not blogging was a trip to Bucks where I knew the days would be full, with no time for writing, and indeed they were. We set off early last Friday morning driving through the storm. The wind buffeted, the rain lashed and visibility was poor, but there was no question of delaying or postponing; we had to go. Most were driving sensibly but of course there are those who behave like imbeciles, using the open road as a race track despite the dangerous conditions. Don’t they realise that a number of drivers now have dash cams to record and then report stupidity of this kind? Reaching Brandon, we fi



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