Sunday 20th September 2020 - Swings & Roundabouts, Prickly Visitor and See You in October

Since the introduction of restrictions, due to Covid-19, on the use for playgrounds, the Overstrand Children’s Playground has remained closed. Other playgrounds, run by Councils, have re-opened but Overstrand’s is run by a group of Trustees which makes things different. The following, provided by one of the Trustees, explains the continued closure in detail. ‘As many of you are aware the Overstrand children’s playground is operated and maintained by The Overstrand Millennium Group (OMG) with financial help in recent years from Overstrand Together. We are now being asked why the children’s playground is not open now that the Covid 19 lockdown has been released somewhat especially as other pl

Wednesday 16th September 2020 - Blow & Throw, Indian Summer and Incy Wincy

Litter picking in the mornings for over eleven years, either on the west beach or in the village, we have noticed there is a pattern in the types of items we collect. But before I go on to this, I must mention how much cleaner the west beach has been over the last couple of summers. In the past it was nothing for us to walk back up the zigzag path with a sack full of bottles, cans, clothing, food packaging etc. which we had cleared. I am surmising the acclaimed programme Blue Planet has had an influence on the reduction of litter left behind. Back now to the different items, once we move into September we see an increase in the number of tissues dropped. This is not something we actively mon

Saturday 12th September 2020 - A Few Changes and Clubs' Meetings

Well that was a bit of a blow, a change in the Covid-19 restrictions, announced by PM Boris Johnson on Wednesday. Is this a national punishment after people have not socially distanced, resulting in another spike in cases? I’ll leave that question with you! I am making a few changes, nothing to do with Covid-19, mine are in the garden. Nothing major, just removing some plants, moving or cutting back others, which will be followed by an application of manure before planting some new plants, bulbs and the winter bedding. I purchased a colourful leaved plant from the first village open gardens, back in 2009. I had no idea what it was and for a few years it did little but recently it has become

Tuesday 8th September 2020 - Spoke To Soon and Two Forthcoming Anniversaries

Well I might have known I had spoken too soon about the considerable drop in numbers coming to the beach. Today, the warm temperatures have resulted in an influx of visitors coming into the village and making their way down onto the sands. No doubt they are making the most of the good weather before chillier days become the norm. It has been noticeable that, although the ice-cream van has been on the car park every day, the fast food trailer has not. I wonder if this follows NNDC’s statement in North Norfolk News that they have been in dialogue with the concessions on the car park to resolve the rat issue. I have always loved cats. I am not sure if my love for them has stemmed from this, but

Friday 4th September 2020 - Breath-Taking, Still Time and Who Flicked the Switch?

There really can’t be a much better way of starting the new month, and the start of meteorological autumn, than with a breath-taking sunrise. This was exactly what greeted us as we headed towards the prom on Tuesday morning, and needless to say, I took a number of photos (two included here) as the skyscape changed before the sun was full up above the cloud line. We may be heading for autumn but as far as the damselflies are concerned, there is still time for a bit of procreation. Peter drew my attention to a couple in our Portugal laurel, locked together forming what is termed as a wheel which also looks like a heart. We are keeping our fingers crossed the female deposited her eggs in our po

Monday 31st August 2020 - Beginning of the End

Wind and rain did its worst during Saturday and Sunday leaving, in our garden, a trail of leaves and snapped stems in its wake. This morning it was dry and the wind has dropped considerably. While I was doing the housework, Peter was out in the garden where amongst other things he got out the leaf sucker to clear the grass, paths and borders of the debris. The runner and climbing beans have taken a real bashing, with wind burnt leaves and distorted beans but thanks to the windbreak round the plot, other veggies have not suffered so badly. Housework, finished I set to and tidied the pots on the patio and then this afternoon, following Barney’s walk when the sun came out, I was back out deadhe



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