Thursday 27th August 2020 - No Fake News and Rodents

Certainly not fake news about the campsite being for sale; it is on the market through a website specialising in leisure, and the asking price of £350,000 is correct too. Rodents or more specifically, rats have been the hot topic in the village. Rats live on the cliffs throughout the year, along with other animals such as muntjac deer and foxes but this summer there has been a population explosion in the rat community. The main problem area is the car park and surrounding area. These canny little animals have found out how to get in the bins, either by burrowing underneath or climbing up to the top to access the delights of the contents. Their food source has been boosted by the wonderful su

Sunday 23rd August 2020 - Seems Like Yesterday, On the Prom and Campsite for Sale

Where does the time go? It only seems like yesterday when I sat down to write a blog but here I am four days later and back at the keyboard. Our days fill easily with various tasks, most of which I must add are enjoyable. I draw the line in the evening, after dinner we do little else except the washing up and then either gaze out on the garden and chat, listen to music or a programme on the radio and lesser so, watch the TV. The only problem, for me with watching the TV is, unless something particularly grabs my attention my mind starts to wander and then I fall asleep! The tide has been well in around 6.30 a.m., the time we have been going out with Barney. So, there have been no walks on th

Wednesday 19th August 2020 - Much Needed, Tragedy, Caterpillar and New Signs

Holiday makers may not agree with me, but we have had some much needed rain. This has been accompanied at times with thunder and lightning, and for Sheringham the volume of rain has resulted in an area of road surface lifting and the appearance of two sink holes. The garden has benefited in some ways but not in others. The soil is now moist, which is good, but on the other hand the geraniums and begonias look battered after being pelted with large droplets and the greengages have swollen so much, many have split their skins. The wasps thought this was great but we spoilt their fun by picking the ripe fruits, half of which I made jam with and the other half I stewed for the freezer. There are

Saturday 15th August 2020 - Why I Don't Want To Go On Holiday

When we first moved here, we went on a previously booked holiday and that was it. No longer working, and living in such a beautiful part of the country, there was no need to escape. Every day is, in effect, a holiday. You may ask, after living here for nearly twelve years, do we not feel the urge to explore further, or resume our trips to Greece? Although I freely confess, in the depths of winter I have looked at renting a small house in the spring for a couple of weeks in Greece, but in the light of the way I currently feel, I cannot see during the forthcoming winter the temptation will still be there. There is always the risk, if we went away, of either picking up Covid-19, or possibly tak

Tuesday 11th August 2020 - Is There A Solution?

Virtually every day we have read about some beach or sea related incident that has involved at least one of the emergency services. Amongst other things, there have been people cut off by the tides and most tragically a mother lost her life at Waxham trying to save her children. Yesterday the air ambulance passed over us before landing on the beach. This was hotly followed by emergency vehicles, sirens blaring. Later in the day, North Norfolk News reported that a woman in a serious condition was taken in the air ambulance to the Norfolk & Norwich hospital. According to the report, she had been in the sea and an onlooker said, they saw someone trying to resuscitate her. This year has seen an

Friday 7th August 2020 - Delights of a Heatwave and Council Responds

We’re having a heatwave and it’s really too hot for cooking, but that hasn’t stopped me. I have finished now, leaving an assortment of pans to cool in the kitchen while I write today’s blog and look forward to sitting in the garden a bit later with a cuppa and an Eccles cake. This does seem to be particularly warm for August, when it quite often rains, but who’s complaining – not me, apart from it would be nice to have a couple of nights when it rained so the levels in our water butts were replenished. It’s so pleasant to have the doors and windows open, with any breeze circulating and keeping our home cool. At night we leave our bedroom windows open but not all night, as I will explain. Sid

Monday 3rd August 2020 - The Price of Fame and Rubbish

Ooh, that’s nice The Sunday Times has rated Overstrand in its top ten beaches in the south east of England. Well that is what you think the reaction would be but in actual fact far from it. The rating has done the village no favours at all. I say that because ‘fame’ has had a negative impact on a number of us who live in the village. I am not sure if this is the correct adjective but I can only describe Friday as; horrible. Vehicles piled into the village and when the car park was full, they were parked in every space the drivers could find. This included double parking, parking in private roads and bunking up on pavements etc. I don’t need to say any more, do I? Saturday and Sunday were sli



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