Thursday 30th July 2020 - Two Seals and Farewell Poppy

Compared to other years, there have been fewer Harbour Seal pups, along this stretch of the coast, needing to be rescued or moved to a beach where there is less footfall. Having said that, in the past two days there have been two pups here in Overstrand. The first, yesterday, was on the east ramp. A bloodied face was a sure indication it had worms and after further investigation by a Marine Medic, it had abscesses too. A place was found for it with the RSPCA at East Winch. This morning there was another pup, this time about three groynes down from the west end of the promenade. Much younger and smaller, it had a small lesion near its back flipper which the Marine Medic felt did not need vete

Sunday 26th July 2020 - Hot Cakes!

It’s going to be a shortish blog today. I have been busy with various things in the garden as well providing information to the Estate Agents, who will be marketing my late Mother’s home. Then there was the seal rescue which was aborted when the seal pup went back into the sea just minutes before I arrived on Cromer beach along with a Marine Medic. And now I have forms to complete for the solicitors who will be dealing with the conveyancing. So, what about hot cakes, if not necessarily hot? Well, firstly I forgot to mention about the new self-raising flour I purchased for cake baking. Since the bread success, following a change of strong bread flour, I have made two cakes, a sponge and a bat

Wednesday 22nd July 2020 - Seasonal Blooms, Vegetables and Fruits and A Boom!

In my last blog, I posted some photos of flowers, a seed head and forming autumn fruits, all seen on a walk across the fields. It is not only the plants and hedgerows in the countryside that change with the seasons; the cliffs do too. In early spring, I love to look up and see the splashes of yellow provided by a particular favourite of mine; primroses. Whoever would have thought these delicate little flowers would be salt and wind tolerant. Currently, there are areas where large daisies are flowering. I am not sure if these are ox-eye daisies or garden escapees but they are most certainly flourishing in their coastal location. I am very much a seasonal person, when it comes to foods. I get

Saturday 18th July 2020 - Successful and Productive

Looking back over the past seven days, the week has certainly been successful and productive. I’ll mention just one of the successes; otherwise this blog could go on and on! Shortly after waking just after 6 a.m. last Saturday morning, I received an email from HM Courts and Tribunals Service. Reading the leading phrase, before opening up the email, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The application I submitted for Grant of Probate on my late mother’s estate has been approved. This has come through unbelievably quickly. I submitted the estate’s value to HMRC on 3rd June and Probate application on 4th June but it was not until 16th June when the solicitor, who was holding my mother’s will, was able t

Tuesday 14th July 2020 - Gypsies, Caravans and Horses

The village camping field, which normally operates for two months in the summer, is not opening this year. Usually, from the start of the growing season, the field is regularly mown so the grass is not too long when camping commences. Apart from a couple of mows earlier in the year, the field has been left untouched and has quickly taken on the appearance of a wildlife meadow. Over the months, daises and buttercups have been replaced by other wild flowers and a variety of different grasses but I never expected to see, as I did on Sunday, horses contentedly grazing. Where did they come from and who did they belong to were the questions which came immediately to my mind. The grey and two bays

Friday 10th July 2020 - The Londs, No Flat Bread and The Triffid!

Overstrand is rich in history with most of the village falling within the boundaries of the Conservation Area. In the village centre, large houses, such as The Pleasuance and the Sea Marge, are interspersed with small unpretentious cottages. Some of these lie behind the walls that provide property boundaries in The Londs, which according to early maps is the oldest road in the village. As time moves on some of these cottages have been subject to sympathetic updating but nothing too drastic that would alter the area’s character. In the past, on at least two occasions, planning applications have been submitted to the District Council (NNDC) to remove sections of the cobble walls. One was to pr

Monday 6th July 2020 - Not Too Bad, Crumble Cake and Flat Bread

The easing of lockdown enabling people to stay overnight, together with the ability to go to pubs and restaurants has, as far as I am aware, not had any adverse effects here in Overstrand. If anything, apart from holiday lets filling up, it has been quieter this weekend, but then it has been a tad on the windy side. As my photo taken on Sunday shows, there were people walking on the beach, this is a change from a couple of weeks ago when more were sitting, picnicking, swimming and paddling. We have not been without some inconsiderate behaviour; in particular an illiterate family who entered the playground. With their education not encompassing the ability to read, the numerous signs posted o

Thursday 2nd July 2020 - Wait and See

The owners and staff of the café, hotel, Conservative club, The Pleasuance and pub must be heaving a sigh of relief that lockdown has been released sufficiently to allow them to re-open on Saturday. I can see the Cliff Top Café have increased the spacing between tables, both inside and out in the garden area but there is no indication whether you have to book or whether, as before, tables will be allocated according to availability. The Sea Marge has posted on Facebook a special short breaks deal and outside there is a board stating they will be open for lunches and dinners but tables must be booked. The Conservative Club have posters on their doors denoting entrance and exit, and their Face



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