Sunday 28th June 2020 - Change in the Weather and Three Visitors in our Garden

Well here we are almost at the end of June and what a change we have seen in the weather. The first part of the month was disappointing, with rain which we really needed but not all at once, then we had sea frets, plus there was a general lack of sustained warmth. But the last half of the month has made up for this, in particular this past week. The sun, blue skies and temperatures in the mid to high twenties have brought numbers of visitors into the village. Thursday was the most popular day when the car park and side roads were full of cars. The beach was busy but looking down from the cliff top, with a few possible exceptions, social distancing was being observed. It was a different case

Wednesday 24th June 2020 - Two Men in a Boat and Glorious

This is going to be a quick blog, starting with seeing Fisherman Andy and his nephew Josh, coming back after a spell at sea crabbing. A few years ago, Josh spent some time in the village regularly going out with his uncle. At the time, he considered becoming a fisherman, telling us about the costs and the licence he would need to obtain, but then he took up a totally different type of work. Back for his grandmother’s funeral and going out to sea again, will he have second thoughts? The weather has been glorious, which is the main reason why this blog is going to be a short one. We are spending a lot of time in the garden and I have found time to catch up on some small tasks indoors. We have

Saturday 20th June 2020 - Slowing Down and Longest Day x 3

Barney has never been a great one for walking in warm weather and now he’s 65 in human years, lesser so. (The old way of calculating a dogs age by multiplying it by 7 has been superceded, otherwise Barney's human years would be 77.) Gone are the days when he would walk with us over to Trunch, where we would stop for lunch before either walking back or taking the bus. We now tailor our walks to fit in with what Barney is capable of and as a result during the warmer months he tends to have his main walk in the cool of early morning. We could, of course, leave him at home and walk further, but somehow this does not seem right. Barney is not the only one who is slowing down. Poppy who loved to

Tuesday 16th June 2020 - Who Cares?

Nobody likes to be told what to do or having a government with a dictatorial big brother attitude but there are times when we really need, for our own individual good, to abide by the ‘rules’. With Covid-19, these are one of those times. Despite this, there are groups as well as individuals who seem to have a, ‘who cares’ approach. Typical of this is ignoring the safe distance guidelines as seen in Cromer over the weekend, shoppers waiting outside a city shop, recent demonstrations and raves. Defiance has prevailed and I can just imagine comments being passed such as, ‘Hey, but who cares, nobody tells me what to do.’ Then there was the guy who urinated against a memorial for a murdered polic

Friday 12th June - Keep Wishing, Flaming June and Unenviable Position

We are still wishing for some serious warmth. Very pleasant on Tuesday, resulting in lots getting done in the garden but since then; not so good. Yesterday, it rained from midday onwards and accompanied with a rise in temperature, the inevitable happened – we woke up this morning to a sea fret. Not the best sights to wake up to, especially as it did not fully clear and lurked all day. The forecast for the weekend looks good with a further rise in temperature accompanied by sun. It had jolly well better be right as I have bought meat ready for the BBQ! This month is often referred to as ‘flaming June’ but when I googled this, the first page of the listings was devoted entirely to a painting w

Monday 8th June 2020 - Be Careful What You Wish For and What Do You Do?

Following a warm dry May, gardeners were wishing for rain. What nobody wished for was what we actually got! Starting on Friday and continuing through to Sunday, the volume of water that fell from the sky was too much for the concrete hard ground to cope with. There were pools on our lawn and patio with plenty of puddles on the roads for children to splash about in. We also had hail showers with the balls of ice pummelling our conservatory roof, high winds which brought down all the loose leaves from the trees, and it was so cold we had to have the heating on. Apart from taking Barney for a walk and visiting the shop, during the gaps between showers, there has been little to entice us outside

Thursday 4th June 2020 - The Noshers, Scaredy Cat and are they The Last Hunters?

I have a term for the creatures which attack our plants - noshers. When we see damaged plants, for the most part we know who the culprits are but then there are times when we don’t. We are currently having a particular problem with the noshers who have nibbled the stem of one my ageratum bedding plants causing it to keel over and similarly on Peter’s vegetable plot, where they have been noshing the French beans. The damage always happens in the hours of darkness, leading Peter to go out in the garden wearing his head lamp. Here, on his hands and knees he has tried without success to find the culprits. The latest tack is a concoction made from soaking moth balls in water. Peter has applied th

Sunday 31st May 2020 - First You See Them, Solitude and Have I Missed Anything?

After the barricades across the entrance to the car park were thrown over the cliff for the second time, along with the original gate, the replacement chains and tape held out well. That was until sometime during Thursday night. Passing the car park early Friday morning, vandals had taken it upon themselves to remove these. I thought to myself, ‘Here we go again’. Walking on the beach, looking up at the cliffs, and yes the chains and tape were there, not far from the barricades and old gate. Back home, Peter informed his contact at NNDC, who told him this would be dealt with and that the car parks and toilets would be re-opening. Later in the morning, I received a message saying, a number o



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