Wednesday 27th May 2020 - Where Are They?

The first time I said, ‘Where are they?’ I was referring to the swifts. This comment was prompted by seeing only one swift dipping and diving over the village. Why was it on its own, a proper little Billy no mates, when normally there are too many to count? Then the other day I saw two, and this morning around seven squealed above our heads. Still not a great number but here’s hoping more will fly in and entertain us while we sit in the garden of an afternoon, enjoying our tea and cake. The second time I said, ‘Where are they?’ I was looking at our flower border, in particular at the erysimum, nectaroscordum (honey garlic) and aliums. These plants usually attract a large number of honey bees

Saturday 23rd May 2020 - Hottest Day of the Year, Chief Constable and Down the Cliff

What has gone on in the village since Tuesday? Well for starters, Wednesday was the hottest day of the year so far, which brought a surge of visitors to this part of the coast, and no doubt to inland beauty spots too. Since then, the weather has continued to be kind to us, with more visitors coming to enjoy walks and the beach, while we have preferred to be in our garden with afternoon tea and cake and a pre-dinner drink in the warm sunshine. It’s not all good though as there have been various reports from along the coast of, lack of social distancing, rubbish left behind, dog bins filled with food packaging, defecating on the beach in an area that does not have any public conveniences, park

Tuesday 19th May 2020 - Sea Salt and The Weekend

Is this a regular on the promenade or am I just not observant enough? I am talking about sea salt. Over the past couple of days there has been several areas at the east end where in cracks in the concrete surface sea water collected, later evaporating, leaving deposits of salt. This brought back memories of collecting sea salt from the rocks bordering Aghios Thomas beach in Kefallonia and popping it into a bag ready to bring home. We always came home from our Greek trips with various ‘things’ collected on our walks, all legal and safely stowed in our cases! Where there many visitors in the village over the weekend? I don’t know. We walked along the promenade and through the village early mor

Friday 15th May 2020 - Dirty Suds, Too Soon and Success

As to be expected, following the strong winds, the beach has been reduced to what looks like a war zone. As well as the loss of sand, revealing flints and concrete blocks, there is algae bloom which washes up on the beach every May. The bloom is a caramel coloured foam and sticks to footwear as well as dogs’ legs and paws. Anyone looking at the large pool below the promenade on Thursday morning might have thought Neptune had been doing his washing and left his dirty suds behind! The wind, although now only a breeze, is set to be mainly in the north and east until at least the middle of next week, so the sand won’t be returning any time soon. There is nothing villagers like better than a good

Monday 11th May 2020 - Online Shopping, Quest and Layers

I am sitting here in our lounge, laptop on my lap (good a place as any!), writing this while we wait for our next online grocery delivery. Since lockdown we have kept away from supermarkets, even though I am assured by other villagers the stores are geared up for social distancing. I think I would lose my rag if anyone came too close while we were selecting our groceries. I suppose I could break into The Police’s song, Don’t Stand So Close To Me, which with my singing would probably empty the entire shop! Initially it was not easy to get slots for deliveries of online groceries; with some supermarkets it was impossible. I tried all sorts of tacks, including logging in after a trip to the bat

Thursday 7th May 2020 - Replenished, Swifts and Overstrand in Lockdown

There were almost whoops of delight coming from within our village shop this morning when I replenished my supplies of self raising flour and caster sugar, both of which have been in short supply. But I refrained in case others making purchases thought I was a little odd. Maybe I am a little odd but then, who wants to be classified as normal! Anyway, I also purchased a card, a cucumber to make tzatziki with and peppers which will go on the BBQ this evening along with our chicken souvlaki. Yes, it’s Greek night tonight when we will also have courgette fritters and dolmades, both made last year and frozen. On my way back from the shop my ears pricked up to the squealing in the sky, the swifts

Sunday 3rd May 2020 - Baking Tales!

Since the start of lockdown, on 23rd March, the country has taken to baking. This has resulted in shortages of ingredients such as flour, sugar, dried fruit, yeast and the like. Fortunately, I had good supplies of the main ingredients but forty two days into lockdown, most of these are running low. I was able to top up with caster sugar and yeast from our village shop but now, despite Michael’s best efforts for us villagers, his shelves are devoid of caster sugar as well as self-raising flour. During lockdown I have made several loaves of bread, with mixed results. I have a bread maker which I use for making pizza dough, with the excess made into a small round loaf. However, I have never us



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