Wednesday 29th April 2020 - Fishing Line, Sunniest April and Rainfall

Peter successfully caught the other feral cat, Lunar. A cunning little cat, she had been managing to eat the food at the back of the trap without placing a paw on the metal plate which sets the trap off. But what she hadn’t bargained for was Peter’s inventiveness. He tied fishing line to the trap’s mechanism, fed the line down the garden and through the conservatory window. So, when Lunar appeared late Sunday afternoon, Peter was sat in the conservatory, ready. Making sure she was right inside the trap, where there was roast pork and crab for her to eat, he tugged the fishing line and down came the door. Lunar was quite irate but once moved to the workshop, she soon quietened and using his i

Saturday 25th April 2020 - Some Roast Pork with a Bit of Luck, Paying Respects and Over the Cliffs

Back last September when we took in ‘Hissing Sid’ the then approximately five week old ginger kitten, there remained two of his siblings living outside. By the way Sid (we’ve dropped the hissing as he doesn’t any more) has settled into domestic life so well and now sleeps for England, regularly commandeering Barney’s bed for his daytime slumbers. Maybe we should rename him, Rip Van Winkle! The smaller of the two remaining kittens, a dark tortoiseshell, disappeared and we can only conclude the poor little thing perished. This left a black and white which waited for food outside our neighbour’s gate each evening. After much patience and standing out in the chilly autumn evenings, our neighbour

Tuesday 21st April 2020 - Thirty Mutants, Easterly and Sympathising

Well here we are, further into lock down with no real light at the end of the tunnel. Peter alerted me to a report on Sky News, which states there are thirty mutants of the Covid-19 virus, some deadlier than others. This, they say, accounts for the higher death rates in some areas than others. The UK has been criticised for not testing, in particular NHS staff, for the virus but with thirty mutants does one test cover all? The number of mutants also brings a warning to vaccine developers who need to consider these mutations, which may increase in numbers. The outlook for us all is depressing, no wonder the sales of alcohol have increased! Following some much needed rain, the sun and blue sk

Friday 17th April 2020 - Wait and Pleasantly Quiet

As a result of Covid-19 the post is understandably taking longer to arrive. This and Easter Bank holidays, has had a direct result on when I could start sorting out my Mum’s estate. I spent a number of hours on Tuesday and Wednesday on the phone and online, advising the various organisations of her passing. I particularly wanted to talk to her bank and to do so I had to wait for around forty five minutes before my call was answered. After a bad experience, when my Dad died, with the branch of a building society which provided incorrect information, I have learnt by experience to contact organisations using their direct bereavement line. I must add; it was not exactly the fault of the branch

Monday 13th April 2020 - Easter Weekend and Thursday Cheering.

There was such a change in the weather this morning. Gone were the blue skies, sun, warmth and the gently lapping sea, and no sign of the almost surreal sunrise we saw on Sunday. Instead we woke to a cold north easterly wind and grey waves on the sea. Hey, but who’s complaining after three beautiful days over the Easter period, when we were able to be in the garden, have a BBQ and take Barney for his walks. We were also able to enjoy seeing our family yesterday, and having a chat with them. Now, hold on, before you start thinking we were breaking the rules, we used Google Duo! Overall we were pleased to see only a few visitors in the village and todays chill would certainly have made anyone

Thursday 9th April 2020 - Progress and Easter Weekend

I was not expecting to have made much progress with the arrangements and paperwork, following my mother’s passing. However, following a phone call from the funeral directors on Monday, provisions have been put in place for her funeral. Checking with the Registrar’s website, I was able to input details and then on Tuesday, I received a phone call from a very helpful Registrar who completed the process. I now await the death certificates and the registration reference for the Tell Us Once service, in the post. When I phoned the Health Centre about the medical certificate they were the only ones who did not know, what the new procedures are when a patient dies, now that we have Covid-19 in the

Sunday 5th April 2020 - Kindness, Telephones, Helping and End of Life's Journey

As we walked out with Barney this morning, I thought about what I was going to write in today’s blog. ‘Nothing has happened,’ was my first thought but then a few ‘things’ came to mind. Sitting down this afternoon, to write my blog, I wonder if I will remember all of these ‘things’. The first ‘thing’ that comes to mind is the act of kindness shown to a Paramedic. Finishing his shift, on Thursday morning, he went to Cromer’s Lidl and joined the queue waiting for the 8 a.m. opening. Firstly, he was ushered to the front of the queue and then when checking out his purchases, a lady stepped forward and paid. I only found out about this when our eldest son sent me a link to the report on the BBC Ne

Wednesday 1st April 2020 -Burning Winds, Wild Birds and Causing Trouble

The winds have been bitingly cold. Coming from the east and northerly directions they have resulted in the back of the beach being stripped of sand. It is not only the beach which has suffered; some of the plants have windburn, in particular the alexander and winter heliotrope. We have chosen the routes of our walks so that we have faced into the wind for the minimum of time. Yesterday it was still chilly but the wind had dropped and clear blue skies and sunshine made Barney’s walk extremely pleasant. The birds are unaware of Covid-19 and are singing in the trees and hedgerows. The skylarks rise up from the fields with their distinctive song and we watched a wren tending its nest in a hollow



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