Saturday 28th March 2020 - Covid-19......what else?

The virus, Covid-19, remains the main topic of conversations and media reports. The number of cases increases day on day, as do the number of deaths. Currently there are 17,089 confirmed cases in the UK of which 70 are in Norfolk. Of the 17,089, 1,019 have died. This may not sound like a high number, especially percentage wise, out of the UK’s population of over 67 million but that does not mean there is room for complacency. Initially, it was said older people were most at risk, more so for those with underlying health problems. This was probably the wrong thing to say because as a result many of the younger generation thought they could carry on as normal, partying and socialising. But no

Tuesday 24th March 2020 - More Constraints

Virtually every day, there have been more constraints put in place, in an effort to control the spread of Coronavirus. On Friday, all pubs and clubs etc. were ordered to close. This did not affect the Sea Marge, Cliff Top Café and White Horse from offering take-aways and home food deliveries. Despite the Government’s advice to keep two metres apart (social distancing) and not to mix with anyone other than those who live in the same home, the weekend saw some very inconsiderate behaviour across the country. Overstrand was no exception. People drove or walked into the village and flagrantly ignored the advice. Tension was starting to grow amongst the residents, who considered this selfish beha

Friday 20th March 2020 - Buckinghamshire and ........ Coronavirus

On the 6th March I started my journey to Bucks from Cromer rail station on one of the new Greater Anglian’s very impressive trains. A change at Norwich, staying on Greater Anglian, and on to London’s Liverpool Street before taking the tube to Paddington and onwards to the station nearest my mother’s home. Yes, the journey takes longer than driving, but it’s infinitely less stressful. As a past advert said, ‘Let the train take the strain’. During the days I was with my mum, I saw a steady decline in her ability to cope with day to day life. When she became unable to get upstairs to her bedroom and bathroom, I knew the decision to secure a room in a home had been the right one. Settling in wil

Thursday 5th March 2020 – Speakers, VE Day Celebration and Affordable Housing

I am not putting any blame on to the Committee of the Gardening Club, but the speaker on Tuesday afternoon was not impressive. I was not the only one with this thought. With the topic of the talk, Tall Bearded Irises, I expected it to be focused on growing and dividing, along with some background information about these plants. However, we were provided with a run-down of the speaker’s father’s life and very little about the plants. It must be very hard to know, when organising the Club’s programme, exactly what speakers will cover under their subject; that is unless you have heard them before. In view of this, I felt sorry for the committee member who had most likely in good faith, booked t

Sunday 1st March 2020 - Wettest February and Artisan Baker

I said to Peter yesterday, ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t the wettest February on record’. The evening news confirmed my thoughts. We have seen above normal rainfall, not just in February but during the whole of the winter. March has got off to a better start, it was windy but at least it was dry when I went out in the garden this morning. After putting in some pepper and flower seeds in the heated propagator, I spotted some ground elder coming under the fence. This needed to come out, before it spread further. After lifting a couple of clumps, I found out just how heavy and stodgy the rain has made the ground. The soil formed clods, as I lifted the ground elder and its extended root



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